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Our Story

Ruckings is a leading online platform in the UK dedicated to meeting the rucking needs of individuals from all fitness levels. We believe in the power of rucking to transform both body and mind, and our mission is to provide the best gear and guidance for anyone looking to incorporate rucking into their fitness routine. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has made us the go-to destination for rucking enthusiasts across the UK.

Ruckings was founded with a clear vision – to make rucking accessible to all fitness enthusiasts in the UK. Our team, composed of passionate ruckers themselves, saw the incredible impact rucking was having on their own lives and wanted to share that experience with others. We started small, offering a range of backpacks and weights, and have since grown to become the leading platform for all things rucking.

Over the years, Ruckings has had the privilege of serving a diverse range of clients, from experienced ruckers looking for specialized gear to beginners seeking guidance on getting started. Our clients include fitness enthusiasts, outdoor adventurers, military personnel, and anyone looking to challenge themselves and push their limits. We are proud to have built a thriving community of ruckers who share their stories, experiences, and support through our platform.

Our Core Values

Guiding principles that drive us forward


We are committed to delivering only the highest quality rucking gear that can withstand the toughest challenges and last for years of rucking adventures.


We believe in the power of community, fostering connections between ruckers, and creating a support network to inspire and motivate each other.


We strive for excellence in everything we do, from the design and functionality of our products to the level of customer service we provide.

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